Residential Security

We provide security services to some of the most prestigious and largest real estates. We have established a name of good quality service with frequent client contact and efficient response to requests.

Services Offered

  • Access Control

  • Customer Service

  • Emergency Response and Planning

  • Fire Drills

  • 24 Hours Remote Surveillance

  • CCTV Systems

  • Handling Service Providers

Education Institutions

characteristically, educational institutions need a diverse approach to securing their staff, pupils and properties. The layout and design of each locality is distinctive in terms of physical milieu and socialaspects. With proper analysis, planning, organization, direction and control to govern these issues effectively.

The services offered encompass access control to integrated service delivery namely:

Services Offered

  • Emergency & Evacuation Planning

  • Car Park Management & Vehicular Control

  • Foot Patrols

  • Access Control

  • Lost and Found

  • Service Provider and Supplier Control

  • Security Control Room

  • CCTV monitoring

  • Key Control

Events and Exhibitions Management

We ensure that every event is smoothly adapted and seamlessly executed creating a successful and memorable experience. With a passion for hosting and serving, our dedicated and experienced managers provide a single point of contact, offering personalized and differentiated service for all planners and organizers.

Commercial Security

The key of any businesses is to protect information, inventory, and people securely. This can be accomplished through efficacious loss prevention or asset protection. Commercial security refers to the method or service by which a business or commercial property protects against pilferage, burglary, fire, vandalism, and the like. Examples of collective modes of are locks, alarm systems, computer security, manpower security, electronic cum document security and so forth.