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White Knights Security Services Pte Ltd is a return of an excellent security service provider previously known as Silent Knight Security Services Pte Ltd which managed about 500 security officers. Certified by ISO 9002 standards, SilentKnight Security Services Pte Ltd was established by Mr Ratan Singh in 1990. He was appointed as Chairman of Industry Capability Upgrading Programme (ICAP) bySpring Singapore. He was also a President of Association of Certified SecurityAgencies (ACSA).

A remarkable leader, being a member of APSA, ICPS, and ACSA, has started WhiteKnights Security Services Pte Ltd. White Knights Security Services Pte Ltd is confident of achieving roaring success under Mr. Ratan Singh’s guidance, experience, nd diligence.

Our Philosophy

The preferred partner in providing excellent security guarding services in the industry.

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Service excellence

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